There’s Always A Journey

Pilgrimage and sculpture

1.6 x 0.7 x 0.3 m

For this work I asked people to tell me their personal pilgrimage stories. As I am often making epic journeys for my art work I was interested in hearing what other people felt they went on a pilgrimage for , or defined pilgrimage as.

I collected over 70 stories from people and then went on a huge road trip , driving to the Soncino biennially in Italy , where the work was commissioned for.

On route I translated their stories in to pilgrimage badges which I carved in to cuttle fish and then cast in lead. This is an ancient casting technique and how some pilgrimage badges would have been made by in the past.

The resulting piece was inspired by religious architecture and motifs and is a collection of all the badges supported by a book of the stories.