The only thing is I'm wondering at what stage we need to clarify our situation as I don't feel my self falling in love with you or you with me

Welded steel and copper

3.2 x 2.2 x 0.7 m

This work is part of a series of gates which feature fragments of conversations taken directly from text messages I received off people I met on Hinge, an online dating app.

The relationship between Commitment vs banality is an important part of my work and is a methodology through which I approach the processing of the materials I work with.

In this piece a throw away text message I received is humorously elevated into monumental gates and becomes a memorial of sorts to something fleeting and unthought about, accentuated by the dedication to craftsmanship shown in the actual making of the work.

I liken the words features in this gate to a form of waste as the speed of our ability to communicate today is so instant, that words become almost as throw away as physical waste. I am fascinated by all these traces we all leave behind , the dirty laundry of being human.

My passion for making, and real respect to a craft (blacksmithing and metal work in this instance ) I feel adds a commanding weight to the work. I like the awkwardness of how traditional craft sits uncomfortably in the art world, and playing with this in my sculptures.