Two part mixed media installation ( found wooden house parts, ceramic, neon light, nails , foam)

Whilst in Shanghai on a residency at the Swatch Peace art hotel I became interested in exploring the old parts of the city. Much of this is disappearing rapidly as the government try to relocate people in to new flats out of town in an attempt to smarten up the centre of the city. However they don’t seem to think of the communities they are destroying and how this affects people socially.

These pieces reflect on this destruction and the fragility and beauty of these old communities. They are made up out of some parts that I salvaged from one of these huge demolition sites.

On one of my adventures in to these buildings I found an old net curtain. The round disks seen in the work are hand made fired porcelain, rolled in to the net curtain so as to take up the pattern from it and preserve this little bit of city life from the past.