IRL (in real life)

Silver foil, paper mache, steel, hand tools, cuttlefish, chair, screen, table, cast lead badges

3.2 x 3.2 x 2.8 M

This work draws its shape from a silver foil hat. This form is synonymous with both ideas of connecting with other realms and also protecting you from external sources who may be listening in.

The silver foil hat installation acts as a safe space to talk about what ever you wish. On entering the visitor can take a seat behind the screen and are faced with a selection of small hand tools and a cuttle fish bone. I will be found sitting the other side of the screen, but  participants cannot see through it. 
My role is to both instruct how to use the tools and also to see if the visitor wants to talk about anything in particular, or if not I can prompt conversations and discussions. I strongly believe that working with your hands and tools is good for you and promotes self reliance and happiness. 
Cuttle fish is one of the traditional materials pilgrimage badges are carved into. The visitors will be able to carve and mark in to this soft surface to make a little badge that I will later cast in lead. These act as a physical memory of the time we spend in the space together talking about whatever they wish, and are displayed on a shelf near to the work.