Anal Hippies

Paint and collage on copper leaf, paper mache, stones & steel, plants, butt plugs

I spent two weeks in total silence at a Vipassna meditation centre. I wanted to see what would be stimulated creatively, perhaps subconsciously, if I was taken away from all forms of communication and entertainment.

Being unable to talk to people, I soon sound myself judging people on clothing or style. From this period of silence I developed this work for the ‘Sex show’ in Margate. The installation comprises of two butt plugs and paintings displaying their use.

These were made for the ‘anal hippies’ I invented in my head during the retreat. They require the user to be able to sit in great discomfort for long periods of time, like I put my self through at the centre.

Id like to point out that when I was allowed to talk all the people were lovely. It fascinated me how the brain reacts to this treatment, and how I can continue to use intensive training or challenging situations to influence the making of new work.