Katie Louise Surridge, born 1985, studied at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL (2010.)

Artist Statement

My work is an exploration in to new materials and techniques. It often includes found items, used in conjunction with hand made parts. As technology advances at ever increasing speed I want to reflect on the past and celebrate the value of the hand made. 

 I manipulate objects in intriguing and innovative ways, which may be contentious or perverse, but also questioning and testing. Borrowing from the past and present I make my own unique connections, and in doing so re-tell the familiar.

 I am interested in history and those living or existing away from main stream or contemporary society, and their connection to nature, drawing inspiration from these communities and the materials they use.

Travel provides me with structural ideas, exciting cross cultural references and the chance to collect items and inspirations. By observing the world around me ,all sorts of objects can inspire passion, unexpected relationships and insights. A sense of humour, and the familiarity of certain objects, enriches the whole experience. 

Found images often become inspiration for new work and highlight the inquisitive nature to my practice.  Through my careful collections work with something magic and visceral is created. Perhaps most importantly my work possesses a playfulness and willingness to explore.